Pool Information

2023 Heritage­ Pool Rules

Memorial Day to Labor Day (May 27th to Sept. 4th) 
Hours: School Days (Monday-Friday) 4pm-8pm
Non-School Days 11am-9pm

The Heritage Homeowners Association has established the following rules for use of the community pool. It is the responsibility of each resident to enforce and obey these rules.

  1. Each homeowner in good standing who has completed an application shall be issued an access card. Homeowners are in good standing if they have paid their 2023 Association Fees or are current on their payment plan for 2023 Association Fees, do not hold an outstanding balance from prior years and do not have an open violation of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. These access cards are only to be used by your family and not to be shared with other residents or non-residents. Any use of the cards by someone other than the intended homeowners and their constituents shall result in loss of pool privileges. New, lost, stolen or damaged access cards will be replaced at a fee of $10.00.
  2. Please be considerate of other residents when inviting guests to use the pool. No more than four (4) guests per household shall be permitted at the pool. A resident of the community must always accompany guests.
  3. The pool cannot be reserved by a resident; all residents shall have equal access to the pool during normal operating hours.
  4. Children under the age of fourteen (14) are to be accompanied by a responsible adult, as required by the Indiana Health Department. This rule also exists for safety, to limit the HOA liability, and to ensure the pool is enjoyable for residents of all ages. Residents are encouraged to report unaccompanied children to the lifeguard on duty or ask them to leave.
  5. No dogs or other pets shall be permitted in the pool area.
  6. All persons shall take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. A swimmer/bather leaving the pool to use the lavatory shall take another cleansing shower before returning to the pool.
  7. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing of the nose and similar behavior shall not be permitted.
  8. Only swimming apparel shall be allowed. Street clothes/cutoffs shall not be acceptable swimming apparel.
  9. No running, pushing, fighting, dunking, rowdy horseplay, diving, or piggyback games shall be permitted.
  10. No playing on the ladders or float line shall be permitted.
  11. Frisbees and balls shall not be permitted in the pool area.
  12. Flips and backwards jumping off the poolside shall not be permitted.
  13. Air mattresses, swim fins, floats, and other accessories shall be allowed in shallow water sections only and shall be subject to the lifeguard’s discretion. The item shall not interfere with any other swimmers use of the facility.
  14. Baby pool is restricted to children six (6) years and younger with a responsible adult monitoring activity. The lifeguard shall not monitor the wading pool.
  15. No diaper-wearing children will be permitted in the main swimming pool or baby pool without a tight-fitting swim diaper. Swim diapers must always be worn. No changing a diaper at/by the pool areas. Changing tables are to be used.
  16. No child shall be permitted in the deep-water section of the pool unless he/she can demonstrate his/her ability upon request to swim one length of the pool, in good form, and tread water for no less that 60 seconds.
  17. Smoking is prohibited within the entire pool/baby pool area and around the clubhouse. Please be considerate and do not toss cigarette butts in the common areas. Cigarettes shall be discarded in the proper receptacles.
  18. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. No glass or glass containers shall be permitted in the pool area. No food, drink or gum except in designated area. Trash must be placed in proper receptacles.
  19. The pool may be closed for maintenance, health conditions, weather, or any other reason deemed necessary by the Health Department or management.
  20. Adult patrons shall have priority use of the deck furniture.
  21. All persons, including children, using the facility do so at their own risk. The management and/or the Association shall not be responsible for lost or stolen articles, accidents or injuries.
  22. Please remember that the pool is for the use of the Heritage residents only. Anyone found circumventing the rule of a maximum of four (4) guests per household or passing their pool access cards out to other persons shall be asked to leave the pool and will risk losing their pool access.
  23. No topless sunbathing or a swimming thong allowed in pool area.
  24. The lifeguard shall always be treated with respect. Anyone disregarding pool regulations may be suspended from the pool area. The decision of the lifeguard regarding the pool area rules is final. Further violations or serious misconduct will be reported to the Board of Directors for action.
  25. Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited by lifeguards on duty except on adult swim breaks.
  26. The lifeguard has the authority to request that anyone leave the pool area.
  27. The HOA reserves the right to revise these rules and regulations at any time without notice.


Pool Access Cards

As of 2023, each homeowner in good standing and has completed a pool application is be issued an access card for the pool.

The access cards are to only be used by homeowners and their family members and should not be shared with other residents or nonresidents.

Any use of the access card by someone other than the homeowner or family will result in the loss of pool privileges.

There will be a fee of $10 to receive a new or replacement card.

All comments, questions and concerns regarding the pool should be sent to Omni Management Services

Pool Rental: At this time there will be No private pool rental available.

For Pool Membership Applications, the homeowner is to fill out the Pool Application for Renters.

The forms below are in PDF format. When you click on the link, the file will open in a new window where you can print it or save it to your computer. If you are having trouble viewing the PDF files, you can download the free Acrobat PDF Reader by clicking here.

Heritage Pool Membership Application

Heritage Community Pool Rules