ACC Submission

Please use the Architectural Review Form to request permission to make changes to your property that may be subject to review as outlined in your associations Covenants and Restrictions.

If you need a plot plan, you can check with the Johnson County Records Department at (317) 736-3723 or you can contact an engineering firm to order a new plot plan or boundary survey. Another free resource is Beacon which is available online to print off your plot plan.

When submitting the Architectural Change Request form please include the following.

  1. Photo example of structure being installed
  2. Example of paint/stain/sealer that will be used
  3. FOR FENCING: Distance between the front of the house corner and the fence
    1. If on pond distance include from shoreline
    2. If on corner lot include distance from sidewalk
  4. Drawing of proposed structures installation on plot plan
  5. Completed architectural request form

Your covenants require all architectural changes to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Before you start any construction, please get it approved by filling out an Architectural Review Form and submitting all the proper documents to Omni Management. Unfortunately, if you do NOT complete this process, you are in violation of the covenants and subject to removal of any structure not approved. We do not want this to happen, so please turn in your Architectural Review Form. All forms can be emailed to

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